Process Engineering


Industrial process engineering is getting more complex with drivers for higher efficiencies, higher productivity, feedstock flexibility, reduced emissions, improved supply chains, cradle-to-grave analysis, improved environmental profiles, and lower total costs of ownership. Today’s process engineering has to go beyond the traditional methods, use a more holistic systems approach, and consider more cross-functional considerations than ever before.

Our services

Process Engineering Services for Oil & Gas and Clean Energy
  • Process simulation and analysis (Hysys, Aspen, VMGSim)
  • Steady-state, dynamic, start-up, shutdown, upsets
  • Process flow diagrams (PFDs)
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)
  • Controls specifications and process control diagrams
  • Safety analysis (HAZOP, PHA)
  • Equipment specifications (process level) and sizing.
  • Debottlenecking, energy conservation, and production upgrade studies with legacy plants
  • Pressure relief systems and flare systems
  • Process commissioning and startup assistance
  • Emissions analysis
  • Third party evaluations of process designs, plant investment due diligence
  • Measurement and instrumentation specification
  • Conceptual reactor, tower, heat exchanger design

Systems covered:
  • Natural gas steam reforming
  • Natural gas processing including gas compression, sulfur and carbon dioxide removal (acid gas treatment), hydrodesulfurization, gas/liquid separation (inlet separation), and dehydration
  • Micro-LNG plants including liquefaction
  • Syngas processing including shift reaction, autothermal reforming, pre-reforming, partial oxidation, gasification, and conversion to liquid fuels (Fischer-Tropsch, etc.)
  • Combustion including burners, thermal oxidizers, hydrogen, catalytic combustors
  • Biogas/biofuels processing, including water wash, pressure swing adsorption, thermochemical conversion, gas clean-up, methanol distillation recovery
  • Hydrogen production, storage, conversion, compression, combustion, safety, filling stations
  • Compact heat exchangers and reactors
  • Vaporizers and spray humidifiers
  • Adsorbent beds
  • Absorbers and distillation columns
  • Insulation systems
  • Components include industrial (large, stationary) or transportation (lightweight, compact, serialized)
  • Catalyst systems include pellets or monoliths
  • Fuel cells
  • Cryogenic systems

Example projects and case studies from our former experiences

  • 250 kW Natural gas steam reforming fuel cell powerplant with dual stage turbochargers, 1997
  • 5 kW Methanol steam reforming fuel cell auxiliary power unit, 2002
  • 60,000 usgpd Micro LNG liquefaction plant process design, AltaGas, 2014
  • Landfill gas clean up system for fuel cell plant including cryogenic siloxane removal, Microsoft/Quadrogen, 2014

Our example projects and case studies

  • Biogas upgrader for pipeline renewable natural gas, 10,000 scfm, including depressurization analysis, Progressive Wastes, 2015
  • Landfill gas biogas upgrader process reverse engineering, FortisBC, 2015
  • Methanol distillation tower process design and sizing for biodiesel plant, Community Fuels, 2016
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