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Power Generation

Efficient Energy Production & Decarbonization

The global energy transition along with the focus on decarbonization brings unique challenges and opportunities for utility-scale power generation facilities.

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and the electrification of other sectors such as heating and industrial processes will increase the demand for low-carbon electricity. Power generation needs to expand to meet this increased demand while focusing on reducing carbon emissions.

Powering the Future

The transition to a low-carbon power generation system is a complex process that requires a combination of optimizing existing assets, technological advancements, policy support, and incentives.

SysEne brings decades of experience uncovering energy efficient low-carbon measures in power generation and heavy industry to deliver innovative approaches for tackling these challenges in any power generation facility. SysEne’s technical team will analyze the current energy consumption profile to compare with industry trends and equipment specifications and determine the carbon emissions profile for the facility.

Once the baseline analysis is complete, SysEne typically recommends a site visit by senior engineering personnel with a focus on key equipment and interviews with operations, maintenance, and engineering personnel to identify and validate potential energy and emissions reductions opportunities. From pre-heating turbine fuel gas and optimizing turbine staging to improving inlet air ducting efficiency, to identifying opportunities for variable speed drives on auxiliar pumps and fans, SysEne engineers have the experience and background to identify and cost achievable measures that to have a material impact on increasing efficiency and reducing emissions.



Best-In-Class Engineering

SysEne brings the skills and knowledge that allows clients to better manage risks and costs while improving both business and environmental outcomes.

Material Results

We look at power generation facilities from a systems-thinking viewpoint to identify and validate measures that will have a material impact on energy costs and GHG emissions.

Economic Viability

We bring decades of experience evaluating economics of measures across heavy industry and power generation to effectively filter potential measures for economic viability.

Technical Feasibility

We bring decades of experience evaluating economics of measures across heavy industry and power generation to effectively filter potential measures for economic viability. Every facility is unique in the type and age of technology and control systems—and capital upgrades are typically expensive, so we focus first on enhancing existing systems.

Operational Suitability

Each facility has a unique operational profile that we validate against each measure we consider so we can provide solutions that support your operational goals.


We bring broad insight and knowledge of energy and GHG regulations, which can be used to model and assess scenarios that may impact the future risks and costs at the facility.

Government Incentives

SysEne will help your organization develop a strategy and approach to maximize the impact of government incentives over time, enabling projects to move forward.

I’ve worked with lots of agencies that have what they call their ‘special sauce’. It might work for you, but it’s not going to work for every single company that you come across. You have to be flexible and adaptive. And I think that’s what they do really well.

Site Manager, Energy Client

SysEne has a very unique opportunity in my mind where they can stand up loudly and proudly and say ‘Look, we’re small, but we’re mighty and we have a ton of experience.’

Energy Efficiency Program Manager, Energy Client

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We can power the way forward because we know the terrain. We can find the best route and get you there expeditiously. We provide fast and efficient service that saves you time and money.

Flexibility Yields the Most Effective Results

Investigating all the possibilities will uncover the best solution.
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