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Technology & Innovation

As exciting new technologies and approaches become available, SysEne partners with our clients to evaluate the potential impact on energy and decarbonization targets. From evaluating renewables, battery energy storage systems and the implementation of variable speed drives and controls, to understanding options for decarbonization of material movement, SysEne will draw on extensive experience analyzing heavy industrial processes to identify the best path forward.

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Technology & Innovation

SysEne will first evaluate and document the technical and operational needs of the client through in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and technical experts.  

Then SysEne will work closely with equipment suppliers and OEMs to model the impact of the proposed new approach on the existing production systems to validate the operational and technical fit with client needs, and determine the actual impact on energy costs and decarbonization.

In the mining sector, SysEne has modeled the impact of decarbonization options in material handling, advanced flotation systems, and the integration and assessment of control advances in ball and SAG mill technologies, to name a few.
In oil and gas and other heavy industrial sectors, SysEne has brought clarity to approaches on amine and sulphur recovery systems and modeling of systems and processes integrating complex combinations of pumps, fans, compressors, boilers, waste heat recovery, combustion, and other custom processing systems. The focus is always on understanding the key parameters that will drive positive results for energy efficiency and decarbonization.

SysEne generates a detailed economic analysis to quantify the financial impact of adopting the proposed approach, including the impact of government incentive programs, and evaluating the sensitivity of the results to key financial input parameters.

SysEne validates the preliminary findings and approach through regular dialogue with key client stakeholders to ensure the final results meet expectations.


Critical Analysis

SysEne tackles the evaluation of new technology and innovation by building a first-principles engineering approach.

Material Results

We model technology and innovation from a systems- thinking viewpoint to identify and validate approaches that will have a material impact on energy costs and GHG emissions.

Economic Viability

We bring decades of experience evaluating new technology across heavy industry and power generation to effectively filter potential approaches for economic viability.

Technical Feasibility

Every approach to technology and innovation is unique, and capital upgrades are typically expensive, so we focus first on enhancing existing systems through new approaches.


Each organization has a unique operational profile that we validate against each technology and innovation measure to provide solutions that enhance your operational goals.

Operational Suitability

We bring broad insight and knowledge of energy and GHG regulations, which can be used to model and assess scenarios that may impact the future effectiveness of new technology.

Government Incentives

SysEne will help your organization develop a strategy and approach to maximize the impact of government incentives over time, enabling projects to move forward.

SysEne has a very unique opportunity in my mind where they can stand up loudly and proudly and say ‘Look, we’re small, but we’re mighty and we have a ton of experience.’

Oil & Gas Company, Site Manager

Subject matter expertise in the organization is their strength.

Oil & Gas, Operations Manager

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