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Energy & Carbon Assessments

SysEne engineers have collectively performed hundreds of energy and carbon assessments across mining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and other heavy industrial sectors evaluating amine systems, material management, and systems of pumps, fans, compressors and generation.

Our experts in heavy industrial processes will develop customized measures that align with your unique modes of operation, while reducing energy costs and GHG emissions.

Interior view of an oil and gas facility, filled with complex machinery, pipes, control panels, and operators in safety gear overseeing operations.

Energy & Carbon Assessments

SysEne’s expert team brings decades of heavy industrial experience uncovering emissions reduction measures to deliver innovative approaches to energy cost mitigation and decarbonization.  

SysEne will review the historical site energy and emissions data to quantify the energy and GHG emissions profile for the facility.  A site visit by senior engineering personnel will focus on key processes and equipment, including interviews with operations, maintenance, and engineering personnel to validate potential reduction opportunities, and input assumptions.

SysEne deploys a systems-thinking approach to ensure the plan improves the efficiency and competitiveness of the business as a whole, while also reducing emissions and energy costs.  SysEne will finalize the most impactful measures based on the analysis of the economics and relative ease of implementation.


Systems Engineering

SysEne delivers energy and& carbon Assessments that allow clients to manage risks and costs while improving both business and environmental outcomes.

Material Results

We model energy and decarbonization from a systems- thinking viewpoint to identify and validate measures that will have a material impact on energy costs and GHG emissions.

Economic Viability

We bring decades of experience evaluating the economics of measures across heavy industry and power generation to effectively filter potential measures for economic viability.

Technical Feasibility

Every client is unique in the type and age of technology and control systems, and capital upgrades are typically expensive, so we focus first on enhancing existing systems.

Operational Suitability

Each client has a unique operational profile that we validate against each measure we consider so we can provide solutions that enhance your operational goals.


We bring broad insight and knowledge of energy and GHG regulations which can be used to model and assess scenarios that may impact the future risks and costs.

Government Incentives

SysEne will help your organization develop a strategy and approach to maximize the impact of government incentives over time, enabling projects to move forward.

The technical knowledge, knowledge of the landscape and the ability to reach out and find the information is invaluable.

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