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Energy & Carbon Management Systems

Our experts bring together decades of collective experience in developing bespoke energy and carbon management programs for heavy industry. SysEne knows the success to ongoing energy and carbon management lies with embedding energy and carbon management into daily processes and procedures.

Aerial nighttime view of an oil and gas facility, brightly illuminated, with glowing lights outlining storage tanks, pipelines, and industrial structures, all amidst the surrounding darkness.

Develop Your Plan

Effectively reducing energy usage and carbon emissions requires a comprehensive and effective plan. SysEne will develop a focused energy and carbon management program that aligns with your operational culture, to ensure consistent results.

The first task is to understand the history, infrastructure, and operational needs of the business or facility. SysEne brings decades of real-world experience implementing energy and carbon management systems (ECMS) programs across heavy industry to rapidly identify pragmatic and effective energy efficiency and carbon reduction processes.

SysEne knows that key to the success of any ECMS program is building credibility, which is achieved through real and measurable results. Our rigorous application of “systems engineering” will ensure your ECMS program will set and achieve its targets in a timely and cost-effective manner, lowering business risk and reducing costs.


Optimal Results

SysEne will optimize your energy and emissions planning in an efficient manner to achieve desired results.

Material Results

SysEne’s unique background working in and with heavy industrial clients produces plans that deliver sustained and meaningful energy, emissions, and cost reductions that count.

Cost Savings

SysEne creates programs designed to continuously identify, rank, and prioritize specific measures and strategies that can deliver the most cost-effective results.

Technical Feasibility

SysEne develops plans that identify and qualify energy and emissions reduction measures to successfully align with the operations, process and equipment unique to each facility.


SysEne designs each plan in a way that anticipates and mitigates potential future risks and challenges, and continues to function effectively and efficiently over the long term.


SysEne can effectively and efficiently benchmark performance and identify areas of strength and weakness against comparable systems and processes.


SysEne will design into the plan the protocols required to monitor and evaluate the progress and ensure the plan achieves its targets and delivers the desired benefits

I’ve worked with lots of agencies that have what they call their ‘special sauce’. It might work for you, but it’s not going to work for every single company that you come across. You have to be flexible and adaptive. And I think that’s what they do really well.

Energy Corp VP

Subject matter expertise in the organization is their strength.

Oil & Gas, Operations Manager

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With the implications climate concerns cause for our clients in energy intensive industries, we are always aware of the changing landscape. As expert guides, we put our clients in position to be successful.

Flexibility yields the most effective results

We are professional problem-solvers and look at all possibilities until we find the best solution.
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