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Government Policy & Funding

SysEne is always up to date on changes to ongoing government funding initiatives and the launch of new approaches. From funding acquisition for site assessments, to capital funding incentives focused on energy efficienc yand decarbonization, SysEne is extremely successful in accessing incentives for our client projects, which typically generate millions of dollars a year in funding.

Planning Your Projects

SysEne consultants are proficient in a broad range of services. Whether you need an energy and carbon assessment, an emissions forecasting and roadmap exercise, an implementation plan, or a capital project, we can help. Alternatively, you may require a combination of these services. Regardless, our consultants ensure that your unique needs align with the prerequisites of government incentive programs. These are proven methods that can enable you to gain access to the relevant supporting incentives.

Our first task will be to meet with key stakeholders to scope the internal requirements for the proposed funding. This helps us to align the client requirements with the program’s criteria, and to understand the project technology, costs, and the level of incentive that would allow the project to successfully move ahead.

The next step is to develop the necessary calculations, project description and analysis to support the application documentation for submission, actively managing the application process to a successful conclusion. Then SysEne will manage the reporting and implementation requirements to meet the funding implementation requirerments.


Experts at Funding

SysEne is always up to date on new funding channels, understands funding requirements and is continually scanning networks for new opportunities. 

Material Results

We assist clients to identify and validate approaches that will generate incentives with a material impact on project viability.

Economic Viability

We bring decades of experience evaluating economics of new technology across heavy industry and power generation to effectively filter potential approaches for economic viability.

Technical Feasibility

Every client and every project is unique, and capital upgrades are typically expensive, so we focus on customizing your application to deliver results that are achievable.

Operational Suitability

Each client and every project has a unique operational profile that we validate against each funding application to provide solutions that enhance your operational goals.


We bring broad insight and knowledge of energy and GHG regulations to deliver incentives that have the most impact on the future competitiveness of our clients’ business.

Government Incentives

SysEne will implement a strategy and approach to maximize the impact of government incentives over time, enabling projects to continue to develop and flourish.

SysEne has a very unique opportunity in my mind where they can stand up loudly and proudly and say ‘Look, we’re small, but we’re mighty and we have a ton of experience.’

Oil & Gas Company, Site Manager

Subject matter expertise in the organization is their strength.

Asset Manager, Mining Client

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We have helped our clients access millions of dollars using a proven formula that continues to yield success. Funding your next decarbonization project doesn’t have to be hard. Come and experience the SysEne Way.

Capitalizing on Incentives

Businesses operating in heavy industries can access millions, but not everyone knows the ins and outs. We’ve helped clients acquire millions of dollars through a time-tested framework.
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We are professional problem-solvers and look at all possibilities until we find the best solution.
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