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Systems Integration & Assurance

Many large scale projects fall short without someone guiding, making sure everything fits together. Processes rely on synergy between people and performance. From your operations, to your service providers and customers, every piece of the puzzle matters.

Integrated & Assured Delivery

Addressing organizational challenges has become a more complex task in today’s climate. Wanting to help our clients maximize the value they deliver to customers is at the heart of our “why”. We apply a distinct set of skills to infrastructure projects that is highly effective at positively impacting the bottom line. We believe being patient and methodical gets us to the finish line successfully. We take the time to understand your business, so that we can integrate the systems within your business and help you perform at your highest level.


The Art & Science of Systems

We are experts on important systems that include people. This spans delivery, operations and use. Projects are done by people, and today’s projects need diverse thinking, collaboration, learning, and innovation. Technical integration is hard, and the non-technical aspects are even harder. We take what’s complex and make it simple.

System of Systems

By thoroughly analyzing your organization and how it works, we’ll help you reach peak performance. Collaboratively working to leverage knowledge and expertise is a key ingredient to your success. Nothing falls between the cracks. We view challenges as opportunities and pursue excellence in delivering value to our partners.

Integration with Legacy Systems

Most systems projects are upgrades of current systems—meaning “the new” has to integrate with “the old”. This is where organizations encounter the most roadblocks and often require a deep exploration of their systems to ensure a solid foundation for future design and integration. At SysEne, we want to help your organization be the best version of itself.

Process Integration

Many large infrastructure projects are delivered by a host of contractors and subcontractors. They often have different processes for requirements, design, change, configuration, risk and decisions. Creating a large project team is a project of its own—it is like creating a new company— and we can guide you.

Systems Assurance

We are operations people at heart, and we know what it takes to build confident and cohesive teams. When the right work gets done, it’s all smooth sailing. Let us take the wheel and give you peace of mind.

Product Development

Systems are becoming more dependent on software and technology and continue to have evolving moving parts. Integrating a product development approach within your systems is an effective way of ensuring your customers receive value.

Organizational Capability

Systems upgrades often require changes to the way your team works. We help you develop the processes, skills, culture, and mindsets that go hand-in-hand with systems delivery and handover.

I would like to extend my gratitude to a job well done. The operating company has everything we need to manage and support the solution.

Systems Manager, Rail Operating Company

Thank you, you get first prize for getting the entire department trained. The training you organized was very well received.

Signal & Telecoms Manager, Rail Operating Company

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