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Owner’s Program & Project Management

Many owners lack the peace of mind they should have on large-scale projects. We exclusively work on behalf of the owner as their representative. One of our core competencies is leveraging our understanding of the complex issues that compromise the success of projects.

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Partnering for Complex Project Delivery

Programs and projects are becoming more difficult to deliver with higher stakeholder expectations, changing technology, and financial challenges. More than 70% of projects fall short of meeting expectations, come in over budget, or are late. There are certain tasks owners are best positioned to do, but they need trusted experts to guide the execution of project goals or business outcomes. SysEne is able to provide full end-to-end program and project management services that deliver results and give you peace of mind.

Our ability to work with every level of the organization and demonstrate deep expertise in program and project management means that your assets are safe in SysEne’s care. Consider us your local guides on this journey, partnering in your success.


Complex Program & Project Management

EQ is as important as IQ in creating a complete picture, and is core to one of our guiding philosophies—Own the Whole. We come in curious about you and your operations because humility leads to wisdom.

Stakeholder Engagement

A key hurdle to successful project completion occurs when stakeholders are not engaged throughout the process. We have combined years of experience and research to develop strategies that consider your stakeholders every step of the way. Our team specializes in leading stakeholder engagement activities that resonate with the hearts and minds of your customers.

Complete Project Plans

We help you make plans that consider all possibilities. We have a vast array of experiential knowledge that we can draw from to tailor-make a solution that fits your organization’s distinct needs.

Systems Approach

We breathe the combination of integration, innovation, process, and people. The whole is more than the sum of its parts—everything fits together. We see things from the perspectives of business capabilities, products with people in them, and the systems that provide the services.

Program & Portfolio Management

We help you analyze your business outcomes and use those results to turn them into actionable strategies designed to deliver long-term value to your customers. We treat every area of your business as our own and place our energies into achieving success for you. We receive direction and are as flexible and adaptive as you need.

Contractor Management

We help you raise the game of your contractors, ensuring quality, value, and helping them to be their best selves.

The Right Outcomes

We help you achieve long-term success. If you trust SysEne as your local expert guide, we guarantee increased performance and stakeholder satisfaction.

SysEne was able to take something that was very complex and internally sensitive and was able to turn it around and make it into a very successful project. And when we knew that we were going to be doing phase two of that project, I said that I didn’t want to get involved with a project unless we could hire the SysEne team to support.

Owner’s Implementation Group Manager

Speak to an Expert

We look at the whole problem. We consider every angle and all the possible solutions before we provide you with the one that will work for you. We do the work to give you peace of mind and your time back.

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