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A Gordian Knot

Operational Control & Communication Rail Systems Upgrade

We are modernizing an operationally critical rail system made of three complex systems tied in a knot.


Stations Upgraded


Complex Controls & Communication Systems


Design-build Project Cost


Types of Trains to Integrate With

Upgrade of a Custom Critical System

Our specialists successfully tackled a challenging upgrade project in the owner’s portfolio. The custom operational controls and communication system was tightly coupled and built on legacy systems, making it extremely complex. Our team re-architected and delivered the system onto a modern platform while keeping the current system running. The project is ahead of peer upgrades, being progressively delivered, and well into successful implementation phases with positive sentiment from the owner’s team.

Easy to see in bright sunlight, and easy to follow and understand. Love them!

Customer, Transit System

I used to hop on the wrong train, and with the extra lines it gets confusing, and so I find the passenger information displays very very helpful, and knowing when the train arrives is great. I love the displays and thanks for putting them in.

Customer, Transit System

This is the most successful customer experience project in our history.

Owner’s VP

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