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Smart Infrastructure

The Internet of Things

Infrastructure is getting connected and infused with technology. We help you shape and deliver smart infrastructure and business outcomes using a systems and program approach.

Solutions for a Better World

Smart systems are proliferating into the world of infrastructure. AI, automation, and advanced sensors will be able to provide enhanced value and customer experience. Yet, there are many factors that you have to consider, such as integration, migration, public trust, cybersecurity, and protection of personal information.

As transit agencies increasingly rely on digital infrastructure, ensuring robust cybersecurity measures and privacy policies is crucial to maintain public confidence and prevent malicious attacks or data breaches. Balancing technological innovation with responsible data management and security practices will be key to fostering a resilient and trustworthy public transit ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.

Everything Fits

A System of Systems

The connection of so many systems together requires a broad perspective and extra attention to the interfaces. Collaboration is paramount.

Program Approach

We will help you elevate your transit system’s performance with a comprehensive program strategy that puts riders first.

Technology Development

Our clients leverage cutting-edge tech to boost public transit success. Together, we will enhance efficiency, customer experience, and sustainability, while fostering connected communities.

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Increasing Non-Revenue Rail System Construction During Operations

Many rail systems upgrades have to be done in a short 2 hour non-revenue window in the middle of the night. Find out how we tripled productivity.
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