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Teams in a Hybrid World

High-Performance Team-Building in Complex Capital Projects

Effective teams need a focus on the human component for high performance. We help build well-functioning teams with the right blend of personalities and skills for successful project outcomes.

Group of SysEne employees posing for a team shot. Everyone is dressed smart and looking pleasant.

Teams Go Farther

Traditional contracts for complex infrastructure projects often promote outcomes where there must be winners and losers. Competing interests and adversarial relationships are among the top hindrances to the formation of high-performance teams. Our approach emphasizes collaboration and a different approach to leadership, and these types of teams typically deliver more innovation, higher quality, better integration, enhanced team dynamics, and results that make stakeholders happy. Whether for new or ongoing projects, we can guide you to successful project outcomes with a focus on high-performance team-building.


Projects are Done by People

We help you make sure your project has superior team performance.

Own the Whole

Everyone needs to contribute to the higher purpose, including contractors. Everyone has to cross the finish line together. To perform at its best, the individuals forming a team have to set egos aside and commit to the goal and each other.

Team EQ is as Important as Team IQ

Emotional intelligence is key for a competitive edge. Prioritizing empathy and humanity, effective leadership inspires and guides teams. We understand its importance in mapping success.

Deep Listening

Effective collaboration across varied specialists is crucial for successful capital projects. We specialize in fostering collaboration and communication to achieve successful project outcomes.

Effective Remote and Virtual teams

Collaborating across supply chains and time zones is challenging. Our expertise in hybrid meeting methods helps teams to maintain efficiency without face-to-face communication.

Be Inclusive

Diverse thinking is essential for solving complex problems. By embracing diverse perspectives and experiences, we can arrive at innovative solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Build Trust

Trust is essential for successful teamwork. Creating an environment of psychological safety allows all team members to have a voice, achieve transparency, and deliver high performance.

They have more flexibility in the delivery. They’re more adaptive. And I do like that adaptive project management.

Transit VP

Your project has enabled creative innovation in a big way, because of the environment you’ve created.

Operations Manager

Speak to an Expert

We look at the whole problem. We consider every angle and all the possible solutions before we provide you with the one that will work for you. We do the work to give you peace of mind and your time back.

Learning to Win Together

Projects are becoming increasingly complex and harder to deliver successfully. Often, a collaborative team approach that harnesses the strengths of multiple experts is a key ingredient to success. SysEne is experienced and highly capable in leading and facilitating winning teams for difficult challenges.
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