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Public Transit

Better Transportation for Everyone

Transportation businesses are becoming more integrated and innovative through offering diverse travel options and improved technology for better customer experiences.

Public Transit Services

We Care, Like You Do

As owner’s representatives, we serve as trusted advisors, change agents, and delivery specialists to realize your vision. By understanding your business and customers, we customize solutions drawing from your team’s best practices, industry peers, and relevant experience.

In today’s world, excellent customer experience and universal accessibility are paramount. Embracing innovation is a core tenet to our shared success. Together we’ll be at your side driving transformation to help you prioritize and achieve your goals.

A Common Destination

We Have the Same Values

By adopting your values, we can help you tailor effective approaches to improve your business, deliver projects, and ensure your capabilities meet the needs of your customers.

Satisfying Business Outcomes

Adopting your values, we develop personalized strategies to enhance business processes. Swift project delivery fuels shared success and exceptional customer experiences.

Assured Safety & Security

Enhancing safety and security for systems and projects with superior construction safety and cybersecurity resilience. We are trusted by IT and OT teams, bridging both worlds effectively

High Value for Your Budget

We achieve stakeholder satisfaction, long-term quality and cost-effective delivery through expert project shaping, agile development and maximized ROI, reliability and performance.

Responsible & Innovative Procurement

Integrity-driven public procurement management using industry-leading RFPs and contracts. Collaborate with us for an enhanced ecosystem of contractors, innovation and future-focused delivery.

Help Develop Your People

We develop your people through mentorship, collaboration, and direct development. From front-line staff to director level, we help your team grow and succeed.

Accessible Transit Service for All

We are dedicated to accessible transit for all, offering real choices, dependability, affordability, safety and comfort. We are transit enthusiasts, specializing in real-time info for customers and staff.

You are one of the only consultant firms that really values what we value.

Manager, Asset Management, Rail Operations Company

I didn’t realize that SysEne team members weren’t internal employees. They conduct themselves with so much institutional knowledge, know all the people involved, and had great relationships with them. They really have our values.

Owner’s Implementation Manager

This is one of the best RFPs for a Feasibility Study I’ve seen. I’ve forwarded it on to others in my team to consider as an example for others.

Owner’s Director

Guidance on Every Part of the Journey

Once you have been lost before, you know the feeling of helplessness you experience. We developed an approach that can equip you with knowledge that will always help you find the way to your goals.

Increasing Non-Revenue Rail System Construction During Operations

Many rail systems upgrades have to be done in a short 2 hour non-revenue window in the middle of the night. Find out how we tripled productivity.
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