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1,000 to 1 Returns

Requirements Engineering

Many projects, products, and services underperform because of problems with missing, unclear or incorrect requirements. We help you elicit, develop, define, and manage all requirements.

Good Requirements are Golden

You need good requirements to deliver the right system to have satisfied customers. At SysEne, we are requirements experts, from eliciting unstated customer preferences to managing a large number of software requirements. With the increasing rate of change, requirements need to be adaptable and traceable. Our services include training, tailoring, writing, auditing, and management. We are practical and use tools that fit well with your team’s capability. The return on investment for good requirements is 1000 to 1, and satisfied customers and stakeholders are key to any successful endeavour.


Requirements Start with People

Requirements are organized technical communications between people. Soft skills are critical to effective requirements development.

Some Truths

Requirements are not really about requirements but about uncovering all the real problems. The end system must be optimally valuable for the owner. To build the right system, you must understand the need.

Soft Skills

People and their needs are at the core of requirements gathering. As experts, we excel at listening effectively and drawing out unstated preferences. Through storytelling, we uncover emotions that reveal what is significant to the customer.

Learning Culture

To achieve good requirements, learning must be ongoing. Even after system delivery, new requirements can emerge. The key is to maintain a constant learning mindset. One effective technique is asking “why” five times to uncover deeper insights from people.

Orderly Process

Well-developed requirements are key to success. There’s no shortcut— these take a systematic approach and quality work.

Measurable and Testable

Requirements, if they are to be implemented successfully, must be measurable and testable.


An engineered system is connected to people. Change in one place affects other places.Tracing ensures effective changes throughout the system.

This is one of the best RFPs for a Feasibility Study I’ve seen. I’ve forwarded it on to others in my team to consider as an example for others.

Owner’s Director

We support your proposal to develop a product-line procurement process for the project. Please devise the process according to our general policies, let us review it before implementing, and you can run with it. We trust you.

Owner’s Procurement Category Manager

Speak to an Expert

We look at the whole problem. We consider every angle and all the possible solutions before we provide you with the one that will work for you. We do the work to give you peace of mind and your time back.

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