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Oil & Gas

The Way Forward

Our oil and gas clients are developing world-class pathways to lower energy costs and carbon energy intensity. We are proud to partner with them in this challenging work.

oil and gas facility at dusk

The Challenge

Oil & Gas Decarbonization

Decarbonization of hard-to-decarbonize industries is SysEne’s passion. Our experts have decades of real-world experience that informs us on how to effectively analyze your facilities to uncover significant and sustained reductions in energy costs and carbon emissions. We utilize a “systems approach” to assess your facility, with a keen understanding that changes in one process can have effects in another. 

SysEne prides itself on a collaborative approach, which brings your key stakeholders into the start of the assessment process. We design tailored decarbonization solutions that focus on process optimization and improved operability. Capital upgrades are only recommended if they are operationally pragmatic, technically feasible, and meet the economic thresholds of your company.


Best-In-Class Engineering Consultation

Our employees have led corporate energy mining efforts from the inside and worked with clients around the globe.

Material Results

We focus our efforts on measures that will have a material impact for people, society and the world.

Economic Viability

With experience from diverse projects, we’ve honed a sense for success, attentively listening and optimizing your capital investment to meet your needs.

Technical Feasibility

We have amassed years maneuvering this terrain. With a host of past projects to refer to, we can identify solutions with the highest technical feasibility and lowest risk.

Operational Suitability

Simply put, our plans work. We are proud to have a team with some of the best in their fields of expertise that know how to choose the right solution for your operation.


We prioritize your interests, providing thorough analysis, foresight, and risk mitigation to ensure smooth progress and achievement of your goals.

Government Funding

We are steadfastly committed to finding efficiencies, reducing costs, and navigating sectors for funding opportunities. We’ve saved partners millions. Let us help you save on your next project.

Subject matter expertise in the organization is their strength.

Oil & Gas, Operations Manager

They have more flexibility in the delivery. They’re more adaptive. And I do like that adaptive project management.

Project Manager, Oil & Gas Client

Speak to an Expert

We can power the way forward because we know the terrain. We can find the best route and get you there expeditiously.

We provide fast and efficient service that saves you time and money.

Flexibility Yields the Most Effective Results

Investigating all the possibilities will uncover the best solution.
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