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Low Carbon Electrification Feasibility Study

SysEne conducted a plant-wide fuel switching study for a gas gathering facility located in northeastern BC, Canada. The study included the quantification of GHG emissions reduction opportunity, as well as technoeconomic analysis of the potential electrification measures for all aspects of the facility, including inlet compression, gas dehydration, sales compression, utility heat medium, and electrical power generation systems. SysEne’s analysis delivered significant GHG emissions reduction potential with a positive impact to the facility OPEX.

$3.1 M/yr

Cost Savings

18,800 tCO2e/year

Emissions Reduction

332,000 GJ/year

Energy Savings


Potential Capital Funding

Expanding the Potential Possibilities

SysEne leveraged utility funding programs to provide the client with a Low Carbon Electrification Feasibility Study for its 800 e3m3/d gas gathering facility, at no cost. The study delivered significant opportunities for tangible reductions in operating costs and ultimate GHG emissions.

The client’s remote facility is not grid connected and self-generates power using natural gas generators. The study included a conceptual review of the potential grid interconnection and line tap location. Transmission line construction and transformer installation are included in the project cost analysis.

SysEne reviewed the facility operation to determine baseline energy consumption and identify key energy users for potential electrification opportunities. After initial data collection, a 1-day site walkthrough was conducted by SysEne’s energy experts to confirm equipment specifications and discuss system operating profiles with the site personnel.

Multiple fuel-switching opportunities were identified and analyzed by SysEne. The analysis provided estimated energy usage cost and GHG emissions of the electrified option for comparison against the fossil fuel baseline.

A Class-4 cost estimate was developed for the grid interconnection and electrification opportunities using third-party expert vendors. Using this estimate, a cost/benefit comparison was conducted to vet the electrification opportunities and eliminate those which did not deliver tangible cost and emissions improvements and/or meet the client’s economic thresholds.

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