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The Right Requirements

Good Contracts for Complex Infrastructure

Most complex infrastructure contracts are inadequately prepared. This results in a host of problems for your design-build contractors. We will help you write clear and detailed RFPs and contract scopes for owners.

SysEne expert in client meeting, listening attentively and making notes.

Improving the Procurement & Delivery Process

For successful completion of complex infrastructure projects, clear and detailed contract scope and requirements are crucial. When these are inadequate, it can lead to costly delays, disputes, and project failure. According to industry research, the majority of projects experience cost overruns due to scope creep. From limited descriptions of legacy systems to inadequate performance-based requirements, omitting even the smallest detail can have significant implications. Our experience in overcoming obstacles and balancing the needs of both owners and contractors enables us to deliver successful projects.


Take Your RFPs, Scopes & Requirements to the Next Level

There are very good resources available for public procurement from leading practitioners around the world, spanning better design-build contracts, agile contracting, performance-based requirements, and collaborative contracting. We benchmark, adapt, and tailor RFPs and contracts to be clear, useful, and effective.

Encouraging Good Management

Complex projects require high-quality delivery and value within budget constraints, which often involves collaboration, product development, agile software, and flexibility. Effective change management and a good contract framework ensure accurate and fair management for all parties involved. As experts, we can provide guidance in preparing contracts and managing projects to achieve these goals.


Complex projects often require technology and innovation that can be challenging to incorporate into fixed-price performance-based contracts. Agile contracts, cooperative contracts, and defined performance metrics can address these requirements. As experts, we can help prepare RFPs and manage contracts to ensure the best quality and value.

The Convenience of Clarity

Clear and concise communication is essential for successful project management. We understand the importance of using language, structure, and content that are easy to understand for all parties involved in the project. As experts in this field, we can provide detailed specifications that clarify roles and responsibilities and ensure effective project management.

Cooperation & Change Management

Complex projects need trust, cooperation, and effective change handling. We offer early-warning notifications, clear processes, and additional work management for collaborative success.

Performance-Based Requirements

Performance-based requirements drive efficiency and innovation. Most struggle with RFPs and contracts for complex projects. We help create structured RFPs, enabling better management and delivery.

Prescriptive Process Integration

Seamless project delivery relies on integrating contractors’ scope and owners’ operations. We address requirements, configuration, processes, design and more, for successful outcomes. Let us help you.

This is one of the best RFPs for a Feasibility Study I’ve seen. I’ve forwarded it on to others in my team to consider as an example for others.

Owner’s Director

We support your proposal to develop a product-line procurement process for the project. Please devise the process according to our general policies, let us review it before implementing, and you can run with it. We trust you.

Owner’s Procurement Category Manager

Speak to an Expert

We look at the whole problem. We consider every angle and all the possible solutions before we provide you with the one that will work for you. We do the work to give you peace of mind and your time back.

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