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Flexibility transcends constraints

Upgrading a Constrained Rail Station Power System

Operational rail station power system upgrade including a 1 km cable pull along an operational rail guideway.

800 m

Cable Pull Along Operational Guideway


Available Work Hours Per Day


Design-build Project Cost

1 m

Proximity to Guideway

Practical Flexibility

The power system at one of our client’s rail stations was originally built in 1985 and has since doubled its power needs. However, the station’s limited space, high rises, tunnels, multiple rail operators, and a rail terminus station, made modernizing the system while keeping the current one running, a major challenge.

SysEne was contracted to upgrade the system while dealing with the logistical issues caused by space constraints. Our team approached the project creatively, delivering it ahead of other upgrades in a progressive way. The result was a successful implementation phase and high praise from the owner’s team.

Knowing that the project team are all on this makes my comfort level go way, way up. Would say that is the ultimate team.

Transit Operations Sr. Staff

I like the Construction Management … and wish more projects would require this of their GC.

Client’s PM Office

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Adaptability, curiosity and open-mindedness are key ingredients to delivering the most complex projects.