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Pulp and Paper

Energy and Carbon Assessment – Pulp & Paper

A team of engineers were engaged to provide consultation to a dissolving pulp manufacturer operating a sulphite pulp mill. 


Annual energy cost savings


Study funding acquired

Enhancing Efficiency in Facility Operations

In their work to establish a baseline energy profile for the facility, the engineers conducted an in-depth analysis of historical records, operations on site, and existing equipment. They also made use of existing process data. In parallel, senior engineers carried out a site visit, during which they monitored the operations and equipment. Furthermore, they held discussions with the operations and maintenance staff to gather additional insights.

The gathered data was employed to confirm energy conservation measures and calculate their associated implementation costs. Measures included optimizing compressed air systems, installing variable speed drives on pumps and fans and optimizing boiler combustion controls. These savings are projected to yield energy cost reductions amounting to $2.5 million, with an average simple payback period of under 5 years.

They caught our attention because they presented themselves to be knowledgeable in the subject areas and have experience in relevant fields.

Energy Site Manager

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