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Agricultural Production

Evaluating Energy Costs and Emissions Reductions Alternatives

We conducted a plant-wide assessment of a canola oil processing facility to determine energy cost and emissions reduction strategies.


Annual energy cost savings

9.4 ktCO2e/yr

GHG savings
undulating bright yellow canola fields in the scenic yorkshire wolds england under a blue springtime cloudy sky

Evaluating Pathways to Reductions in Energy and Emissions

Key learnings were revealed during a site visit led by SysEne senior engineers. They inspected the facility’s equipment and operations, and conducted interviews with the  staff to gain operational insights. This direct observation, coupled with an extensive review of historical records, site operations, and equipment, as well as the use of existing process data, enabled the engineers to create a baseline energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) profile for the facility.

In the next phase, the team identified potential strategies to reduce both energy costs and GHG emissions related to both electric and natural gas-fired equipment and production processes. These opportunities ranged from process heat recovery to refrigeration system controls to the installation of variable speed drives on pumps and resulted in generating $1M in projected annual cost savings.

They caught our attention because they presented themselves to be knowledgeable in the subject areas and have experience in relevant fields.

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