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Agricultural Production

Energy Costs and GHG Emissions Reduction Assessment – Sugar Beets

A skilled team of SysEne engineers were contracted to perform a plant-wide assessment for a sugar beet processing facility.


Annual energy cost savings

46 ktCO2e/yr

GHG savings

Improving Operational Efficiency at Facilities

During the site visit, SysEne’s senior engineers examined the facility’s operations and equipment and engaged in discussions with operations and maintenance staff. Using the insights gained from the visit, alongside a detailed analysis of historical records and existing process data, these engineers established a baseline profile for both energy and GHG emissions at the facility.

Subsequently, potential opportunities for reducing energy costs and GHG emissions were identified for both electrically powered and natural gas-fired equipment or production processes. These opportunities ranged from optimizing the drying, pulping and lime kiln processes to optimizing boiler combustion air temperature and the staging of cogeneration systems, generating $1M in annual cost savings.

They caught our attention because they presented themselves to be knowledgeable in the subject areas and have experience in relevant fields.

Energy Site Manager

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